amiable Definition

having a friendly and pleasant manner; good-natured and likable.

Using amiable: Examples

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    She had an amiable personality and was well-liked by everyone.

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    He greeted us with an amiable smile.

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    The atmosphere at the party was amiable and relaxed.

amiable Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for amiable

Antonyms for amiable

Phrases with amiable

  • friendly and pleasant conversation


    We had an amiable conversation over dinner.

  • a friendly and mutually acceptable agreement


    After some negotiation, we reached an amiable agreement.

  • a friendly and positive relationship between people


    They had an amiable relationship despite their political differences.

Origins of amiable

from Old French 'amiable', from Latin 'amabilis', meaning 'lovable'


Summary: amiable in Brief

'Amiable' [หˆeษช.mi.ษ™.bษ™l] describes someone who has a friendly and pleasant manner, is good-natured, and is generally liked by others. It can be used to describe people, conversations, agreements, and relationships. Synonyms include 'friendly,' 'affable,' and 'genial.' Antonyms include 'unfriendly' and 'hostile.'