warm Definition

  • 1having or giving off a moderate degree of heat
  • 2having a feeling of warmth or affection
  • 3becoming or making something warm in temperature

Using warm: Examples

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  • Example

    The sun feels warm on my skin.

  • Example

    I feel warm and cozy by the fire.

  • Example

    Can you warm up the soup for me?

  • Example

    She gave me a warm hug when I arrived.

  • Example

    He has a warm personality and is easy to talk to.

warm Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with warm

  • warm up

    prepare for physical activity by doing exercises to get the muscles ready


    Before the game, the players need to warm up properly.

  • warm to someone/something

    begin to like or become interested in someone or something


    At first, I didn't like the idea, but I'm starting to warm to it.

  • a friendly greeting or reception


    We received a warm welcome from our hosts when we arrived.


Summary: warm in Brief

The term 'warm' [wɔːm] can refer to temperature, emotions, or actions. It means having or giving off a moderate degree of heat, feeling affectionate or friendly, or becoming or making something warm in temperature. Examples include 'The sun feels warm on my skin,' and 'She gave me a warm hug when I arrived.' Phrases include 'warm up,' meaning to prepare for physical activity, and 'warm welcome,' meaning a friendly greeting.

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