frosty Definition

  • 1very cold with a thin layer of ice covering everything
  • 2unfriendly or lacking in warmth

Using frosty: Examples

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  • Example

    The ground was frosty and slippery.

  • Example

    She gave him a frosty look and turned away.

  • Example

    Their relationship had become frosty after the argument.

frosty Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with frosty

  • an unfriendly welcome or greeting


    He received a frosty reception from his colleagues when he returned to work.

  • a glass that is covered with frost or condensation


    She poured the cold drink into the frosty glass.

  • a beer mug that is chilled or frosted


    He enjoyed drinking his beer from a frosty mug.


Summary: frosty in Brief

The term 'frosty' [ˈfrɒsti] has two main meanings. The first refers to very cold weather with a thin layer of ice, as in 'The ground was frosty and slippery.' The second meaning is unfriendly or lacking in warmth, as in 'She gave him a frosty look and turned away.' 'Frosty' can also be used in phrases like 'frosty reception,' which means an unfriendly welcome, and 'frosty glass,' which means a glass covered in frost or condensation.

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