icy Definition

  • 1covered in or consisting of ice
  • 2very cold
  • 3showing no friendliness or enthusiasm

Using icy: Examples

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  • Example

    The roads were icy and dangerous.

  • Example

    She gave me an icy stare.

  • Example

    The receptionist's tone was icy.

  • Example

    The icy wind made it difficult to breathe.

icy Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with icy

  • a pale blue color that resembles ice


    The dress was a beautiful shade of icy blue.

  • a tense and uncomfortable silence between people who are angry or upset with each other


    After the argument, there was an icy silence between them.

  • a cold and unfriendly welcome or response


    The new employee received an icy reception from her colleagues.


Summary: icy in Brief

The term 'icy' [ˈaɪsi] refers to something covered in or consisting of ice, or something very cold. It can also describe a person's demeanor when they show no friendliness or enthusiasm, as in 'She gave me an icy stare.' Phrases like 'icy blue' and 'icy silence' extend the term's meaning to color and social situations.

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