silence Definition

  • 1complete absence of sound
  • 2refusal or failure to speak

Using silence: Examples

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    The silence in the library was deafening.

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    She broke the silence by coughing.

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    His silence on the matter spoke volumes.

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    The protesters stood in silence.

silence Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for silence

Phrases with silence

  • dead silence

    a complete absence of sound, often used to describe an eerie or unsettling atmosphere


    After the explosion, there was dead silence in the room.

  • it is often better to remain silent than to speak


    When asked about the incident, he remembered that silence is golden and chose not to comment.

  • silence speaks volumes

    the absence of speech can convey a lot of information or emotion


    Her silence on the matter spoke volumes about how she felt.

Origins of silence

from Old French 'silens', from Latin 'silere', meaning 'be quiet'


Summary: silence in Brief

The term 'silence' [ˈsaɪləns] refers to the complete absence of sound or the refusal/failure to speak. It can be used to describe a quiet environment, like 'The silence in the library was deafening,' or a person's lack of speech, like 'His silence on the matter spoke volumes.' Phrases like 'dead silence' and 'silence is golden' are commonly used to describe eerie atmospheres and the idea that it is often better to remain silent than to speak.

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