golden Definition

  • 1made of gold
  • 2having the colour or shine of gold
  • 3very good and desirable
  • 4relating to a period of great success, prosperity, or happiness

Using golden: Examples

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    The golden statue was worth millions of dollars.

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    The golden sunset was breathtaking.

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    Winning the championship was a golden moment in his career.

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    The company experienced a golden age during the 1990s.

golden Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using golden

  • an ability to make money or be successful in everything one does


    He has a golden touch when it comes to investing in the stock market.

  • a golden boy/girl

    a person who is very successful, popular, and well-liked


    He was considered the golden boy of the company, always exceeding expectations and delivering results.

  • it is often better to say nothing than to speak


    When asked about the scandal, he remained silent, remembering that silence is golden.

Phrases with golden

  • a chance to do something that is likely to be successful


    This job offer is a golden opportunity for you to advance your career.

  • a principle of ethical conduct that states one should treat others as they would like to be treated


    The golden rule is a fundamental principle in many religions.

  • a large sum of money given to an employee upon retirement or termination


    The CEO received a golden handshake when he retired from the company.

Origins of golden

from Old English 'geolu', meaning 'yellow'


Summary: golden in Brief

The term 'golden' [ˈɡəʊld(ə)n] refers to things made of gold or having its color or shine. It also means very good and desirable, as in 'Winning the championship was a golden moment in his career.' The phrase 'golden opportunity' denotes a chance for success, while 'golden rule' refers to a principle of ethical conduct. 'Golden' extends into idioms like 'a golden touch,' denoting an ability to be successful, and 'silence is golden,' implying that sometimes it's better not to speak.

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