worthless Definition

  • 1having no real value or use
  • 2not deserving attention, effort, or respect

Using worthless: Examples

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  • Example

    The old computer is now worthless.

  • Example

    His advice was completely worthless.

  • Example

    She felt worthless after being fired from her job.

worthless Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with worthless

  • to feel that you have no value or importance and that people do not respect you


    After the breakup, she started to feel worthless and depressed.

  • something that is completely useless and has no value


    I can't believe I spent money on this worthless piece of junk!

  • a currency that has no value or is not accepted as a medium of exchange


    After the war, the country's currency became worthless.


Summary: worthless in Brief

The term 'worthless' [ˈwɜːθləs] describes something that has no real value or use, or is not deserving of attention, effort, or respect. It can refer to objects like 'The old computer is now worthless,' or to people's feelings like 'She felt worthless after being fired from her job.' Phrases like 'feel worthless' and 'worthless piece of junk' emphasize the complete lack of value, while 'worthless currency' refers to a currency that has lost its value.