worthy Definition

  • 1having value, importance, or worth
  • 2deserving respect and admiration
  • 3suitable or good enough for a particular purpose or situation

Using worthy: Examples

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  • Example

    She is a worthy candidate for the scholarship.

  • Example

    The book is a worthy addition to any library.

  • Example

    His actions were worthy of praise.

  • Example

    The cause is worthy of support.

worthy Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with worthy

  • important enough to be mentioned or noticed


    Her contributions to the project were worthy of note.

  • a charitable or humanitarian effort that is deserving of support


    The organization's efforts to provide clean water to impoverished communities is a worthy cause.

  • a person who is considered to be a fitting replacement for someone else in a particular role or position


    The new CEO is a worthy successor to the company's founder.

Origins of worthy

from Old English 'weorð', meaning 'significant, of value'


Summary: worthy in Brief

The term 'worthy' [ˈwɜːrði] describes something that has value, importance, or merit, deserving respect and admiration. It can also mean suitable or good enough for a particular purpose or situation. Examples include 'She is a worthy candidate for the scholarship,' and 'His actions were worthy of praise.' Phrases like 'worthy of note' and 'worthy cause' denote importance and deserving support.

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