commendable Definition

  • 1deserving praise or approval
  • 2worthy of recommendation

Using commendable: Examples

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  • Example

    His dedication to his work is truly commendable.

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    The team's effort in the game was commendable despite the loss.

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    Your honesty is highly commendable.

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    The organization's commitment to social responsibility is commendable.

commendable Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with commendable

  • an excellent or praiseworthy performance of a task or duty


    You did a commendable job on the presentation. It was well-researched and well-delivered.

  • actions that are deserving of praise or approval


    The teacher praised the student for their commendable behavior in helping a classmate who was struggling.

  • a significant or noteworthy attempt to achieve something


    Despite the challenges, the team put in a commendable effort to complete the project on time.

Origins of commendable

from Latin 'commendare', meaning 'to entrust to someone's care'


Summary: commendable in Brief

The term 'commendable' [kəˈmɛndəbəl] describes actions or qualities that are deserving of praise or approval. It can be used to describe a job well done, good behavior, or significant effort, as in 'Your honesty is highly commendable.' Synonyms include 'praiseworthy,' 'laudable,' and 'admirable.'

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