disgraceful Definition

bringing or deserving disgrace or shame; shameful; dishonorable.

Using disgraceful: Examples

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    The way he treated his employees was disgraceful.

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    It is disgraceful that people are still living in poverty in this day and age.

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    The politician's behavior was disgraceful and caused outrage among the public.

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Summary: disgraceful in Brief

The term 'disgraceful' [dɪsˈɡreɪsfʊl] refers to something that brings or deserves disgrace or shame. It is often used to describe behavior that is shameful or dishonorable, as in 'The way he treated his employees was disgraceful.' 'Disgraceful' has formal synonyms like 'shameful' and 'dishonorable,' and informal ones like 'shameless' and 'low-down.'