honorable Definition

  • 1bringing or deserving honor; worthy of respect; respectable
  • 2having high moral principles and ideals

Using honorable: Examples

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    He was an honorable man who always kept his promises.

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    It was an honorable thing to do, even if it wasn't easy.

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    She received an honorable discharge from the military.

honorable Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with honorable

  • an award given to someone who has not won a prize but who deserves to be mentioned in an honorable way


    Although she didn't win the competition, she received an honorable mention for her outstanding performance.

  • a group of people who have high moral principles and are respected by others


    The members of the club were all part of an honorable society that valued integrity and honesty.

  • a release from military service with a characterization of service as honorable


    After serving for four years, he received an honorable discharge from the army.

Origins of honorable

from Old French 'honorable', from Latin 'honōrābilis', from 'honōr-' meaning 'honor


Summary: honorable in Brief

The term 'honorable' [ˈɑːnərəbl] refers to something or someone that is deserving of respect or admiration. It can describe a person with high moral principles or an action that is considered noble. Examples include 'He was an honorable man who always kept his promises.' and 'She received an honorable discharge from the military.' Phrases like 'honorable mention' and 'honorable society' extend the concept of honor, while idioms are not commonly used with this word.

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