dishonorable Definition

  • 1bringing shame or disgrace on someone or something
  • 2not deserving respect or approval

Using dishonorable: Examples

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  • Example

    It was a dishonorable act to cheat on the exam.

  • Example

    He was discharged from the army for dishonorable conduct.

  • Example

    The company's treatment of its employees was dishonorable.

dishonorable Synonyms and Antonyms


Summary: dishonorable in Brief

The term 'dishonorable' [dɪsˈɒnərəbl] describes actions or behavior that bring shame or disgrace, and are not deserving of respect or approval. Examples include cheating on an exam, being discharged from the army for misconduct, and treating employees poorly. Synonyms include 'disgraceful,' 'shameful,' and 'unworthy.' Antonyms include 'honorable,' 'respectable,' and 'upright.'