respectable Definition

  • 1considered to be socially acceptable because of one's good character, appearance, or behavior
  • 2having a good reputation or high moral standards

Using respectable: Examples

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    She comes from a respectable family.

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    He is a respectable businessman with a good reputation.

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    It's important to dress in a respectable manner for the job interview.

respectable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with respectable

  • a distance that is considered appropriate or polite


    Please keep a respectable distance from the wildlife.

  • the part of society that is considered to have good moral standards and behavior


    She was born into a respectable society and was expected to behave accordingly.

  • a job that is considered to be socially acceptable and well-regarded


    He turned down the job offer because it wasn't a respectable job in his eyes.


Summary: respectable in Brief

The term 'respectable' [rɪˈspɛktəbl] refers to someone or something that is socially acceptable due to their good character, appearance, or behavior. It can also refer to having a good reputation or high moral standards. Examples include 'She comes from a respectable family' and 'It's important to dress in a respectable manner for the job interview.' Phrases like 'a respectable distance' and 'respectable society' denote appropriateness and good moral standards.

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