shameful Definition

  • 1causing or deserving shame or disgrace
  • 2unworthy, improper, or inappropriate

Using shameful: Examples

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  • Example

    It's shameful that people still discriminate based on race.

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    The company's treatment of its employees was shameful.

  • Example

    His behavior at the party was absolutely shameful.

shameful Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with shameful

  • a secret that, if revealed, would cause embarrassment or disgrace


    She kept her past as a thief a shameful secret from her family.

  • a public act or behavior that is considered embarrassing or disgraceful


    The politician's drunken outburst was a shameful display of his lack of self-control.

  • a period of time or event in one's life that is considered embarrassing or disgraceful


    Her addiction to drugs was a shameful chapter in her life that she wanted to forget.


Summary: shameful in Brief

The term 'shameful' [ˈʃeɪm.fəl] describes something that causes or deserves shame or disgrace. It can refer to actions, behaviors, or situations that are unworthy, improper, or inappropriate. Examples include discrimination, mistreatment of employees, and bad behavior at a party. Phrases like 'shameful secret' and 'shameful display' denote secrets or public acts that are considered embarrassing or disgraceful.

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