effort Definition

  • 1physical or mental activity needed to achieve something
  • 2a serious attempt or exertion towards a goal

Using effort: Examples

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    It took a lot of effort to finish the project on time.

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    She made an effort to be more punctual.

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    He put in a great deal of effort to win the race.

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    The company is making efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

effort Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for effort

Idioms Using effort

  • bend over backwards (to make an effort)

    to make a great effort to do something, often to help someone else


    She bent over backwards to accommodate her guests, even though it meant rearranging her entire schedule.

  • to work hard at something


    If you want to succeed, you need to put in the effort and practice regularly.

  • to make the necessary effort to do something


    It may take some effort, but if you keep practicing, you'll eventually get better at it.

Phrases with effort

  • to try hard to do something


    I know it's difficult, but please make an effort to arrive on time.

  • requiring no physical or mental exertion


    She made the task look effortless, even though it was quite difficult.

  • requiring physical or mental exertion


    He managed to lift the heavy box, but only with great effort.

Origins of effort

from Old French 'esforz', meaning 'force, impetuosity, strength'


Summary: effort in Brief

The term 'effort' [ˈɛfərt] refers to physical or mental activity needed to achieve something, or a serious attempt towards a goal. It can be seen in contexts ranging from personal goals to corporate initiatives, as in 'The company is making efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.' Phrases like 'make an effort' and idioms like 'bend over backwards' denote trying hard to accomplish something.

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