effortless Definition

  • 1requiring no physical or mental exertion
  • 2appearing to be done with ease

Using effortless: Examples

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    She made the difficult yoga pose look effortless.

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    The athlete ran the race effortlessly.

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    The writer's words flowed effortlessly onto the page.

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Summary: effortless in Brief

The term 'effortless' [ˈɛfətlɪs] describes something that requires little or no physical or mental exertion, or appears to be done with ease. It is often used to describe a task or activity that is easy to accomplish, such as 'The writer's words flowed effortlessly onto the page.' 'Effortless' has synonyms like 'easy' and 'simple,' and antonyms like 'difficult' and 'challenging.' Informally, it can be expressed as 'a piece of cake' or 'no sweat.'

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