easy Definition

  • 1achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties
  • 2free from worry or problems

Using easy: Examples

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  • Example

    The exam was easy for her.

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    The recipe is easy to follow.

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    He has an easy job.

  • Example

    She has an easy-going personality.

easy Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with easy

  • relax and avoid working too hard or stressing out


    You've been working hard all week. Why don't you take it easy this weekend?

  • to complete a task with little effort


    He made easy work of the math problem.

  • easy come, easy go

    used to describe something that is easily gained and easily lost


    He won the lottery but spent all the money in a year. Easy come, easy go.

Origins of easy

from Old French 'aisie', meaning 'comfortable, at ease'


Summary: easy in Brief

The term 'easy' [ˈiːzi] describes something that can be achieved without great effort and presents few difficulties. It can also mean free from worry or problems. Examples include 'The exam was easy for her.' and 'She has an easy-going personality.' Phrases like 'take it easy' suggest relaxing and avoiding stress, while 'make easy work of something' implies completing a task with little effort.

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