exertion Definition

  • 1physical or mental effort
  • 2the use of power and of strength

Using exertion: Examples

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    The exertion of climbing the mountain left him breathless.

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    She felt a sense of exertion after completing the marathon.

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    The exertion of his authority over the team was evident in his stern demeanor.

exertion Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for exertion

Idioms Using exertion

  • bend over backward (with exertion)

    to make a great effort to do something, often to the point of strain or discomfort


    He bent over backward with exertion to lift the heavy box onto the shelf.

  • break into a sweat (from exertion)

    to begin sweating due to physical effort or stress


    After running for 30 minutes, he broke into a sweat from exertion.

  • go to great lengths (with exertion)

    to put forth a lot of effort or take extreme measures to achieve something


    She went to great lengths with exertion to plan the perfect surprise party for her friend.

Phrases with exertion

  • mental exertion

    the use of mental energy to complete a task or solve a problem


    The math problem required a lot of mental exertion to solve.

  • the use of physical energy to complete a task or exercise


    The workout routine involved a lot of physical exertion.

  • the use of authority or influence to control or direct others


    The exertion of power by the government led to protests by the citizens.

Origins of exertion

from Latin 'exertus', meaning 'pushed out'


Summary: exertion in Brief

The term 'exertion' [ɪɡˈzɜːʃən] refers to physical or mental effort, often involving the use of power and strength. It can be seen in activities like climbing a mountain or completing a marathon, as well as in the exertion of authority or influence. Phrases like 'mental exertion' and 'physical exertion' denote the type of effort involved, while idioms like 'bend over backward' and 'go to great lengths' suggest the level of effort or discomfort.