admirable Definition

deserving respect or approval; excellent.

Using admirable: Examples

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    Her dedication to her work is admirable.

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    It's admirable how he always puts others before himself.

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    The team's performance was truly admirable.

admirable Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with admirable

  • a quality or characteristic that is worthy of praise or respect


    Her honesty is an admirable trait.

  • an attempt or action that is deserving of praise or respect


    Despite the odds, they put in an admirable effort to finish the project on time.

  • a target or objective that is worthy of praise or respect


    Their aim to provide clean water to remote villages is an admirable goal.

Origins of admirable

from Old French 'admirer', meaning 'to admire'


Summary: admirable in Brief

'Admirable' [ˈædmərəbl] means deserving respect or approval, often used to describe excellent qualities or actions. Examples include 'Her dedication to her work is admirable,' and 'The team's performance was truly admirable.' Phrases like 'an admirable trait' and 'an admirable goal' use 'admirable' to denote qualities or objectives that are worthy of praise or respect.