pointless Definition

  • 1having no purpose or effect; useless
  • 2having no meaning; senseless

Using pointless: Examples

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  • Example

    The meeting was completely pointless.

  • Example

    It's pointless to argue with him.

  • Example

    The teacher gave us a pointless assignment.

  • Example

    The movie was so bad that it was almost pointless to watch.

pointless Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for pointless

Phrases with pointless

  • an activity that is done without any clear goal or benefit


    Trying to teach a dog to read is a pointless exercise.

  • a disagreement that has no clear resolution or outcome


    They had a pointless argument about which color was better.

  • a job or chore that has no clear benefit or purpose


    Cleaning the house every day is a pointless task.


Summary: pointless in Brief

The term 'pointless' [ˈpɔɪntləs] describes something that has no purpose or effect, or has no meaning or sense. It can be used to describe anything from meetings and assignments to movies and arguments. Examples include 'The meeting was completely pointless' and 'The movie was so bad that it was almost pointless to watch.' Phrases like 'a pointless exercise' and 'pointless task' denote activities that have no clear goal or benefit.

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