task Definition

  • 1a piece of work to be done or undertaken
  • 2a difficult or tedious undertaking

Using task: Examples

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    My task for today is to finish this report.

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    The task of cleaning the house seemed overwhelming.

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    The teacher gave us a difficult task to complete over the weekend.

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    The company assigned him the task of managing the new project.

task Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for task

Idioms Using task

  • up to the task

    having the necessary skills, abilities, or resources to do something successfully


    I'm confident that our team is up to the task of completing this project on time.

  • to give someone a specific job or assignment to complete


    The teacher set us a task to write an essay on the topic.

  • to complete a task easily and quickly


    With everyone's help, we made light work of the task and finished it in no time.

Phrases with task

  • to reprimand or scold someone for something they have done wrong


    The boss took him to task for not meeting the deadline.

  • task force

    a group of people who are brought together to work on a specific task or problem


    The government set up a task force to investigate the issue.

  • the job or activity that someone is currently doing or dealing with


    We need to focus on the task at hand and finish it before moving on to the next one.

Origins of task

from Old Norse 'tǫskr', meaning 'hardship'


Summary: task in Brief

The term 'task' [tæsk] refers to a piece of work or undertaking, often difficult or tedious. It can range from daily chores to complex projects, as in 'The company assigned him the task of managing the new project.' 'Task' is used in phrases like 'take to task,' meaning to reprimand, and 'task force,' referring to a group working on a specific problem. Idioms include 'up to the task,' indicating having the necessary skills, and 'make light work of a task,' meaning to complete it easily.

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