duty Definition

  • 1a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility
  • 2a task or action that someone is required to perform as part of their job

Using duty: Examples

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    It's your duty to tell the truth.

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    I have a duty to protect my family.

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    He was killed while on active duty.

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    She performed her duties with great care.

duty Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using duty

  • do one's duty

    to fulfill one's moral or legal obligation


    She did her duty by reporting the incident to the authorities.

  • a feeling of moral or legal obligation to do something


    He had a strong sense of duty to his family and community.

  • duty calls

    used to indicate that one must attend to a responsibility or obligation, even if it is inconvenient or undesirable


    I'd love to stay and chat, but duty calls and I have to go to work.

Phrases with duty

  • the responsibility of serving on a jury in a court of law


    I have to go to court for jury duty next week.

  • a moral or legal obligation to do something, often used in reference to military service


    He felt a strong call of duty to serve his country.

  • off-duty

    not working or on duty


    The police officer was off-duty when he witnessed the accident.

Origins of duty

from Old French 'deu', meaning 'due'


Summary: duty in Brief

The term 'duty' [ˈdjuːti] refers to a moral or legal obligation, often associated with responsibilities and tasks. It can be used in various contexts, such as work, military service, or personal relationships, exemplified by 'She performed her duties with great care.' 'Duty' extends into phrases like 'jury duty,' and idioms like 'do one's duty,' denoting fulfilling obligations, and 'duty calls,' indicating attending to responsibilities.

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