quietness Definition

the state or quality of being quiet; silence; calmness.

Using quietness: Examples

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    The quietness of the forest was interrupted only by the occasional birdcall.

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    The teacher asked for quietness in the classroom.

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    The quietness of the library was disturbed by a loud sneeze.

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    The quietness of the house was eerie after the children had gone to bed.

quietness Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with quietness

  • with a sense of peace and trust in oneself or in a higher power


    She faced the challenges of the day in quietness and confidence, knowing that she had done her best.

  • to remain silent


    Please keep quiet during the movie so that others can enjoy it.

  • to appreciate the peacefulness of a situation


    After a long day at work, I like to sit on my porch and enjoy the quiet.


Summary: quietness in Brief

Quietness [kwahy-it-nis] refers to the state or quality of being quiet, calm, and peaceful. It can be found in various settings, such as the forest, library, or classroom. Phrases like 'in quietness and confidence' and 'keep quiet' are commonly used, while idioms are not applicable. 'Quietness' is often appreciated as a source of relaxation and serenity.