confidence Definition

  • 1the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something
  • 2a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities

Using confidence: Examples

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    I have confidence in my team's ability to win the game.

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    She exudes confidence when she speaks in public.

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    His confidence was shaken after he failed the exam.

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Idioms Using confidence

  • in secret or with the understanding that what is said will not be repeated to others


    He told me the news in confidence, so I promised not to tell anyone else.

  • to accept something as true without verifying it


    I heard that he got the job, but I'm taking it on confidence until I hear it from him directly.

  • to have an excess of self-assurance or confidence


    She has confidence to burn and never doubts her abilities.

Phrases with confidence

  • to become less certain or sure of oneself or something


    After the accident, she lost confidence in her driving abilities.

  • to trust or believe in someone or something


    I have confidence in my doctor's ability to diagnose my illness.

  • confidence trick

    a scam or deception in which a person is persuaded to believe something that is not true in order to gain their trust and take advantage of them


    The con artist used a confidence trick to steal money from unsuspecting victims.

Origins of confidence

from Latin 'confidentia', meaning 'firmly trusting'


Summary: confidence in Brief

Confidence [ˈkɑːnfɪdəns] refers to the feeling of trust or self-assurance in oneself or others. It can be lost or gained, as in 'His confidence was shaken after he failed the exam,' or 'She exudes confidence when she speaks in public.' Phrases like 'in confidence' denote secrecy, while 'have confidence in' implies trust. Idioms like 'have confidence to burn' denote excessive self-assurance.

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