freezing Definition

  • 1very cold; with a temperature below the freezing point of water
  • 2the process of becoming or being frozen

Using freezing: Examples

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    It's freezing outside, so don't forget to wear your coat.

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    The lake is freezing over.

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    The food was kept in the freezer to prevent it from freezing.

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    I'm freezing in this room, can we turn up the heat?

freezing Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with freezing

  • freeze up

    to become blocked or unable to move due to freezing


    The car's engine froze up in the middle of the snowstorm.

  • to exclude or ostracize someone


    She felt frozen out of the group after the argument.

  • freeze-frame

    a single frame of a film or video that has been stopped and enlarged, often used for analysis or emphasis


    The coach used a freeze-frame of the game-winning play to show the team what they did right.


Summary: freezing in Brief

The term 'freezing' [ˈfriːzɪŋ] refers to very cold temperatures below the freezing point of water, as well as the process of becoming or being frozen. It can be used to describe weather conditions, as in 'It's freezing outside,' or the state of an object, as in 'The food was kept in the freezer to prevent it from freezing.' 'Freezing' also extends into phrases like 'freeze up,' which means to become blocked due to freezing, and 'freeze out,' which means to exclude or ostracize someone.

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