What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nonargumentative”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nonargumentative”

The antonyms of nonargumentative are argumentative, contentious, and quarrelsome. These words describe people who are prone to argue, disagree, or pick fights.

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Definitions and Examples of argumentative, contentious, quarrelsome

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Given to arguing or disputing; fond of controversy.


He was so argumentative that he would argue about anything, even things he knew nothing about.

Likely to cause disagreement or argument; involving or characterized by dispute.


The topic of politics is often contentious and can lead to heated debates.

Prone to quarrel or argue; easily provoked to anger or contention.


The quarrelsome child would pick fights with anyone who crossed his path.

Key Differences: argumentative vs contentious vs quarrelsome

  • 1Argumentative describes someone who likes to argue or dispute, often for the sake of it.
  • 2Contentious refers to something that is likely to cause disagreement or argument.
  • 3Quarrelsome describes someone who is easily provoked to anger or contention and tends to pick fights.

Effective Usage of argumentative, contentious, quarrelsome

  • 1Improve Communication: Use these antonyms to describe people or situations that tend to cause arguments or disagreements.
  • 2Resolve Conflicts: Recognize when someone is being argumentative, contentious, or quarrelsome and try to defuse the situation.
  • 3Promote Harmony: Encourage people to be nonargumentative by listening actively, respecting others' opinions, and avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

Remember this!

The antonyms of nonargumentative describe people who are prone to argue, disagree, or pick fights. Use these words to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and promote harmony by encouraging people to be nonargumentative.

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