attract Definition

  • 1to cause someone or something to come towards you or be interested in you
  • 2to have a magnetic effect on someone or something

Using attract: Examples

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    The colorful flowers attract bees and butterflies.

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    Her outgoing personality attracts many friends.

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    The new store is trying to attract customers with a sale.

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    The strong magnet attracts metal objects.

attract Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with attract

  • to make people notice or pay attention to someone or something


    The bright colors of the painting attracted attention from across the room.

  • attract business

    to bring in customers or clients to a business


    The restaurant's unique menu attracted business from all over the city.

  • to encourage people or organizations to invest money in a business or project


    The startup's innovative technology attracted investment from venture capitalists.

Origins of attract

from Latin 'attractus', past participle of 'attrahere', meaning 'to draw to oneself'


Summary: attract in Brief

To 'attract' [əˈtrækt] means to draw someone or something towards you or to be interested in you. It can also refer to having a magnetic effect on someone or something. Examples include attracting bees with colorful flowers, attracting friends with an outgoing personality, and attracting customers with a sale. Phrases like 'attract attention' and 'attract investment' use 'attract' to denote making people notice or pay attention to something, or encouraging investment in a business or project.

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