What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “noncalumnious”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “noncalumnious”

The antonyms of noncalumnious are calumnious, slanderous, and defamatory. These words describe statements that are false, harmful, and damaging to someone's reputation.

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Definitions and Examples of calumnious, slanderous, defamatory

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Containing false and harmful statements about someone or something.


The article was full of calumnious accusations against the politician.

Intentionally spreading false and damaging information about someone or something.


She filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband for making slanderous remarks about her in public.


Harming someone's reputation by making false and damaging statements about them.


The company threatened to sue the journalist for publishing defamatory articles about their products.

Key Differences: calumnious vs slanderous vs defamatory

  • 1Calumnious refers to statements that are false and harmful.
  • 2Slanderous implies an intention to spread false and damaging information.
  • 3Defamatory describes statements that harm someone's reputation.

Effective Usage of calumnious, slanderous, defamatory

  • 1Legal Proceedings: Use these antonyms in legal proceedings to describe false and damaging statements.
  • 2Journalism: Incorporate these antonyms in journalism to distinguish between factual reporting and false accusations.
  • 3Personal Communication: Use these antonyms to express disapproval of false and harmful statements made by others.

Remember this!

The antonyms calumnious, slanderous, and defamatory describe false and damaging statements. They differ in terms of intention, implication, and impact on reputation. Use these words in legal proceedings, journalism, and personal communication to express disapproval and distinguish between factual reporting and false accusations.

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