observer Definition

  • 1a person who watches or notices something
  • 2a person who is sent to watch and report on an event or situation

Using observer: Examples

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  • Example

    The police have placed an observer at the scene of the crime.

  • Example

    As an observer, I noticed that he was nervous during the presentation.

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    The UN sent observers to monitor the election process.

  • Example

    She is a keen observer of human behavior.

observer Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with observer

  • casual observer

    a person who watches something without paying close attention or taking it seriously


    As a casual observer, I didn't notice any significant changes in the company's policies.

  • a person who does not take sides or have a vested interest in a particular outcome


    The mediator acted as a neutral observer during the negotiations.

  • a person who takes part in an activity or event while also observing it


    The anthropologist acted as a participant observer during her fieldwork.


Summary: observer in Brief

An 'observer' [əbˈzərvər] is someone who watches or notices something, such as a spectator or watcher. It can also refer to someone who is sent to watch and report on an event or situation, like a monitor or witness. Phrases like 'casual observer' and 'neutral observer' describe different levels of involvement, while 'participant observer' refers to someone who takes part in an activity while also observing it.

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