What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nondogmatic”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nondogmatic”

The antonyms of nondogmatic are dogmatic, opinionated, and prejudiced. These words describe people who hold strong beliefs or opinions, but with different connotations.

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Definitions and Examples of dogmatic, opinionated, prejudiced

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Asserting opinions in an arrogant or stubborn manner, without considering other viewpoints.


He was so dogmatic about his political views that he refused to listen to any opposing arguments.

Holding strong opinions, often without considering other perspectives or evidence.


She was very opinionated about fashion and would criticize anyone who didn't dress according to her standards.

Having preconceived opinions or attitudes towards a particular group, often based on stereotypes or biases.


His prejudiced views towards immigrants made it hard for him to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

Key Differences: dogmatic vs opinionated vs prejudiced

  • 1Dogmatic implies an arrogant or stubborn attitude towards one's beliefs, while opinionated suggests a tendency to hold strong opinions without considering other perspectives.
  • 2Prejudiced refers to having preconceived opinions or attitudes towards a particular group, often based on stereotypes or biases.

Effective Usage of dogmatic, opinionated, prejudiced

  • 1Express Open-mindedness: Use nondogmatic to convey a willingness to consider different viewpoints.
  • 2Encourage Dialogue: Incorporate antonyms in discussions to promote respectful and constructive conversations.
  • 3Avoid Stereotyping: Use nondogmatic to avoid making assumptions or generalizations about people or groups.

Remember this!

The antonyms of nondogmatic have different connotations. Dogmatic implies arrogance, opinionated suggests a lack of consideration, and prejudiced refers to biases. Use these words to express open-mindedness, encourage dialogue, and avoid stereotyping.

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