opening Definition

  • 1an act or instance of making or becoming open
  • 2a beginning; a start
  • 3a vacant position or job, typically one that is new or has recently been created

Using opening: Examples

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    The opening of the new store was a great success.

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    The opening ceremony of the Olympics was spectacular.

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    She applied for the opening in the marketing department.

opening Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using opening

  • at the beginning of a game, competition, or performance


    He scored a goal in the opening minutes of the match.

  • have a vacancy or job available


    The company has an opening for a sales representative.

  • create an opportunity for something to happen


    The negotiations made an opening for a possible agreement.

Phrases with opening

  • the first performance of a play, film, or other production


    The theater was packed on opening night.

  • opening hours

    the hours during which a shop, restaurant, or other business is open for customers


    The opening hours of the library are from 9 am to 5 pm.

  • a position that is available for someone to apply for


    There is a job opening for a software engineer at the company.

Origins of opening

from Old English 'openian', meaning 'to open'


Summary: opening in Brief

The term 'opening' [ˈəʊpənɪŋ] refers to the act or instance of making or becoming open, as well as a beginning or start. It can also refer to a vacant position or job. Examples include 'The opening of the new store was a great success,' and 'She applied for the opening in the marketing department.' Phrases like 'opening night' and 'job opening' add context, while idioms like 'make an opening' denote creating opportunities.

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