What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nonenviable”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nonenviable”

The antonyms of nonenviable are enviable, desirable, and appealing. These words convey a positive or desirable quality, implying that something is worth having or desirable.

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Definitions and Examples of enviable, desirable, appealing

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Deserving of envy or admiration; highly desirable.


Her successful career and luxurious lifestyle made her life seem enviable to others.

Worth having or seeking; attractive or appealing.


The new job offer came with a higher salary and better benefits, making it a desirable opportunity.

Attractive or interesting; able to arouse interest or curiosity.


The colorful packaging and unique flavor of the new snack made it appealing to customers.

Key Differences: enviable vs desirable vs appealing

  • 1Enviable implies that something is highly desirable and worthy of admiration.
  • 2Desirable suggests that something is worth having or seeking.
  • 3Appealing indicates that something is attractive or interesting and can arouse interest or curiosity.

Effective Usage of enviable, desirable, appealing

  • 1Express admiration: Use enviable to express admiration for someone's achievements or possessions.
  • 2Describe opportunities: Use desirable to describe opportunities that are worth pursuing.
  • 3Market products: Use appealing to describe products that are attractive or interesting to potential customers.

Remember this!

The antonyms of nonenviable convey a positive or desirable quality. Enviable implies high admiration, desirable suggests worthiness, and appealing indicates attractiveness. Use these words to express admiration, describe opportunities, and market products.

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