vessel Definition

  • 1a ship or large boat
  • 2a tube or duct, such as an artery, that carries blood or other fluid through the body
  • 3an object used to hold liquids, such as a cup, bowl, or pitcher

Using vessel: Examples

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  • Example

    The vessel was carrying a cargo of oil.

  • Example

    The blood vessels in his leg were damaged.

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    She poured the tea into the vessel.

  • Example

    The vase is a beautiful vessel for flowers.

vessel Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using vessel

  • jump ship (or vessel)

    to abandon a project or organization, often because it is failing or has become too difficult


    After the company announced layoffs, many employees jumped ship to find new jobs.

  • tight ship (or vessel)

    a well-organized and efficient operation, often used to describe a business or military unit


    The CEO runs a tight ship, with everyone working together to achieve the company's goals.

  • the ship (or vessel) has sailed

    an opportunity has passed or is no longer available


    I wanted to invest in that company, but now the ship has sailed and it's too late.

Phrases with vessel

  • a person who is considered noble or virtuous


    She was a vessel of honor, always putting others before herself.

  • a person who is considered wicked or evil


    He was a vessel of wrath, always causing trouble and harm to others.

  • a large ship that serves as a base for smaller boats or vessels


    The mother vessel carried the smaller boats to the fishing grounds.

Origins of vessel

from Old French 'vaisseau', meaning 'ship'


Summary: vessel in Brief

The term 'vessel' [ˈvɛsl] refers to various objects that contain or transport something. It can mean a ship or boat, like 'The vessel was carrying a cargo of oil,' or a tube or duct in the body, like 'The blood vessels in his leg were damaged.' It can also refer to an object used to hold liquids, like 'She poured the tea into the vessel.' Phrases like 'vessel of honor' and 'vessel of wrath' describe people with noble or wicked character, while idioms like 'jump ship' and 'tight ship' denote abandoning or efficiently managing a project or organization.

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