wrath Definition

  • 1extreme anger
  • 2punishment or vengeance as a manifestation of anger

Using wrath: Examples

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    He was filled with wrath when he found out the truth.

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    The gods unleashed their wrath upon the mortals.

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    The wrath of the boss was feared by all the employees.

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    She faced the wrath of her parents when they found out she had lied.

wrath Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with wrath

  • in a state of extreme anger


    He left the room in wrath after the argument.

  • a term used to describe natural disasters or other catastrophic events that are seen as divine punishment for human sinfulness


    The earthquake was seen as the wrath of God by some religious groups.

  • to incur someone's wrath

    to do something that makes someone very angry and likely to punish you


    If you don't finish your work on time, you will incur the wrath of the boss.

Origins of wrath

from Old English 'wrǣththu', meaning 'anger, fierce temper'


Summary: wrath in Brief

The term 'wrath' [ræθ] refers to extreme anger, often resulting in punishment or vengeance. It can be experienced by individuals or deities, as in 'The gods unleashed their wrath upon the mortals.' 'Wrath' is also used in phrases like 'in wrath,' indicating a state of extreme anger, and 'to incur someone's wrath,' meaning to provoke punishment or anger from someone.

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