rage Definition

  • 1violent, uncontrollable anger
  • 2a vehement desire or passion

Using rage: Examples

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    He flew into a rage when he heard the news.

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    The protesters were filled with rage at the injustice.

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    She felt a sudden surge of rage towards her ex-boyfriend.

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    The coach's decision sparked a rage among the fans.

rage Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using rage

  • to be very popular or fashionable


    These new shoes are all the rage among teenagers.

  • in a rage

    in a state of violent anger


    He stormed out of the room in a rage.

  • throw a fit/rage

    to have a sudden outburst of anger or frustration


    She threw a fit when she found out that her flight was delayed.

Phrases with rage

  • road rage

    violent anger and aggressive behavior exhibited by a driver of a road vehicle


    The city has seen a rise in road rage incidents over the past year.

  • to suddenly become very angry


    He flew into a rage when he saw the mess in the kitchen.

  • white-hot rage

    an intense and uncontrollable anger


    She was filled with white-hot rage when she found out what had happened.

Origins of rage

from Old French 'rage', from Latin 'rabies', meaning 'madness'


Summary: rage in Brief

The term 'rage' [reɪdʒ] refers to violent, uncontrollable anger, often accompanied by aggressive behavior. It can also denote a vehement desire or passion. Examples include 'He flew into a rage when he heard the news.' and 'The coach's decision sparked a rage among the fans.' Phrases like 'road rage' and idioms like 'be all the rage' extend its usage.

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