ship Definition

  • 1a large boat used for transporting people or goods by sea
  • 2to send something, especially a product, to a place for sale
  • 3a romantic pairing of two people in a fictional work of entertainment

Using ship: Examples

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  • Example

    The ship set sail from the harbor.

  • Example

    We need to ship these products to our customers by next week.

  • Example

    I really ship Harry and Hermione in the Harry Potter series.

ship Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for ship

Phrases with ship

  • to leave a job or organization suddenly, especially when it is experiencing difficulties


    Many employees jumped ship after the company announced layoffs.

  • a phrase used to describe a couple or pairing that is admired for their positive qualities and actions towards each other


    Everyone on social media is talking about how they ship this celebrity couple and their relationship goals.

  • sink or swim

    to either succeed or fail completely, without any middle ground


    The new employee was given a lot of responsibility on their first day, and it was sink or swim for them.

Origins of ship

from Old English 'scip'


Summary: ship in Brief

The term 'ship' [ʃɪp] can refer to a large boat used for transportation, sending products to a place for sale, or a romantic pairing of two people in a fictional work of entertainment. It can be used as both a noun and a verb, and has synonyms like 'vessel,' 'transport,' and 'romantic pairing.' Phrases like 'jump ship' and 'relationship goals' are also commonly used.

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