What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nonexpiatory”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nonexpiatory”

The antonyms of nonexpiatory are expiatory, amendatory, and redeemable. These words have different meanings and connotations, but they all convey the idea of making amends or correcting a mistake.

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Definitions and Examples of expiatory, amendatory, redeemable

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Serving to atone for or make amends for a wrongdoing.


He performed an expiatory ritual to make up for his past mistakes.

Intended to correct or improve something that was wrong or unsatisfactory.


The company issued an amendatory statement to address the concerns of its customers.

Able to be saved or rescued from a negative situation; able to be exchanged for something of value.


The coupon is redeemable for a free meal at the restaurant.

Key Differences: expiatory vs amendatory vs redeemable

  • 1Expiatory refers to making amends for a wrongdoing or sin, often in a religious or spiritual context.
  • 2Amendatory refers to correcting or improving something that was wrong or unsatisfactory, often in a legal or formal context.
  • 3Redeemable refers to being able to be saved or exchanged for something of value, often in a financial or commercial context.

Effective Usage of expiatory, amendatory, redeemable

  • 1Legal Context: Use amendatory to describe changes made to legal documents or contracts.
  • 2Religious Context: Use expiatory to describe rituals or practices that seek to atone for sins or wrongdoings.
  • 3Financial Context: Use redeemable to describe coupons, vouchers, or other forms of exchangeable currency.

Remember this!

The antonyms of nonexpiatory have distinct meanings and contexts. Expiatory refers to making amends for a wrongdoing, amendatory refers to correcting something that was wrong, and redeemable refers to being able to be exchanged for something of value. Use these words in legal, religious, or financial contexts to convey specific meanings and nuances.

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