negotiate Definition

  • 1to have a discussion with someone in order to reach an agreement with them, or to arrange something such as a deal or treaty
  • 2to successfully travel along a difficult route or path

Using negotiate: Examples

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    The two sides are currently negotiating a peace settlement.

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    I managed to negotiate a good price for the car.

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    We had to negotiate our way through the crowded market.

negotiate Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using negotiate

  • negotiate the rapids

    to successfully navigate a difficult or dangerous situation


    The company was able to negotiate the rapids of the economic downturn and emerge stronger than ever.

  • to successfully navigate a situation filled with potential problems or obstacles


    The politician had to negotiate a minefield of conflicting interests to pass the bill.

  • negotiate a U-turn

    to make a complete change in direction or opinion


    After the initial setback, the company had to negotiate a U-turn in its strategy to stay competitive.

Phrases with negotiate

  • to discuss and agree on specific conditions or requirements


    We need to negotiate the terms of the contract before signing it.

  • to successfully navigate a bend or turn in a road or path


    The driver skillfully negotiated the sharp curve in the road.

  • to arrange a loan with a lender


    He was able to negotiate a loan with the bank to start his business.

Origins of negotiate

from Latin 'negotiatus', past participle of 'negotiari', meaning 'to carry on business'


Summary: negotiate in Brief

To 'negotiate' [nɪˈɡəʊʃieɪt] means to discuss and reach an agreement or arrangement, or to successfully navigate a difficult path. Examples include 'The two sides are currently negotiating a peace settlement,' and 'We had to negotiate our way through the crowded market.' Phrases like 'negotiate the terms' and idioms like 'negotiate the rapids' further illustrate the concept of successful navigation.