bargain Definition

  • 1an agreement between two or more people or groups as to what each will do for the other
  • 2a thing bought for less than the usual price

Using bargain: Examples

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  • Example

    I got a bargain on this jacket.

  • Example

    We made a bargain to exchange our services.

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    The company offered a bargain price for their new product.

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    She found a bargain at the flea market.

bargain Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using bargain

  • to be a tough negotiator and demand a good deal


    He drove a hard bargain and got a great price for the house.

  • to rely on or expect something to happen


    I'm not going to bargain on getting a raise this year.

  • to give away or lose something valuable by making a bad deal or agreement


    He bargained away his inheritance by signing a bad contract.

Phrases with bargain

  • a section of a store where goods are sold at lower prices than usual


    I always check the bargain basement for discounted items.

  • to expect or anticipate something, often something negative


    I didn't bargain for all these problems when I took this job.

  • to negotiate with someone in order to reach an agreement


    I had to bargain with the seller to get a good price for the car.

Origins of bargain

from Old French 'bargaigne', meaning 'a trade'


Summary: bargain in Brief

The term 'bargain' [ˈbɑːɡən] refers to an agreement between two or more parties, or a purchase made at a lower price than usual. It can be used in contexts like 'We made a bargain to exchange our services,' and 'She found a bargain at the flea market.' 'Bargain' also extends into phrases like 'bargain basement,' and idioms like 'drive a hard bargain,' which means to be a tough negotiator.

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