basement Definition

  • 1the lowest floor of a building, often below ground level
  • 2a room or rooms in the basement of a building

Using basement: Examples

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    The basement is used for storage.

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    The basement flooded during the storm.

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    The house has a finished basement with a home theater.

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    The basement apartment has its own entrance.

basement Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for basement

Phrases with basement

  • a thin, delicate layer of extracellular matrix that separates epithelial cells from underlying tissue


    The basement membrane plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of epithelial tissues.

  • a type of basement that has a door or doors leading directly to the outside


    The walkout basement provides easy access to the backyard.

  • a basement that has been renovated and furnished to serve as living space


    The finished basement has a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette.

Origins of basement

from base + -ment, meaning 'foundation'


Summary: basement in Brief

A 'basement' [ˈbeɪsmənt] is the lowest floor of a building, often below ground level, and can be used as a room or for storage. It may also refer to specific types of basements like 'walkout basement' or 'finished basement.'

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