What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “nonferrous”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “nonferrous”

The antonym of nonferrous is ferrous. These words are used to describe metals and alloys that contain iron or not. Ferrous refers to metals that contain iron, while nonferrous refers to metals that do not contain iron.

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Definitions and Examples of ferrous, nonferrous

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Containing or consisting of iron.


Steel is a ferrous metal that is widely used in construction.

Not containing iron; used to describe metals and alloys such as aluminum, copper, and brass.


The statue was made of nonferrous metal, which made it resistant to rust.

Key Differences: ferrous vs nonferrous

  • 1Ferrous metals contain iron, while nonferrous metals do not contain iron.
  • 2Ferrous metals are magnetic, while nonferrous metals are not magnetic.
  • 3Ferrous metals are more prone to rust and corrosion than nonferrous metals.

Effective Usage of ferrous, nonferrous

  • 1Science and Engineering: Use these antonyms to describe different types of metals and alloys in scientific and engineering contexts.
  • 2Manufacturing and Construction: Utilize these words to differentiate between different types of metals used in manufacturing and construction processes.
  • 3Recycling and Waste Management: These antonyms are useful in recycling and waste management industries to sort and separate different types of metals.

Remember this!

The antonyms ferrous and nonferrous are used to describe metals and alloys that contain iron or not. Ferrous metals contain iron, are magnetic, and are more prone to rust and corrosion. Nonferrous metals do not contain iron, are not magnetic, and are resistant to rust. Use these words in science, engineering, manufacturing, construction, recycling, and waste management contexts.

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