bond Definition

  • 1a strong force of attraction holding atoms together in a molecule or crystal, resulting from the sharing or transfer of electrons.
  • 2a thing used to tie something or to fasten things together.
  • 3a close relationship between two people or groups.

Using bond: Examples

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  • Example

    The bond between the two sisters was unbreakable.

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    The chemical bond between the two atoms was very strong.

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    The glue was used to bond the pieces of wood together.

  • Example

    The bond market is very volatile.

bond Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using bond

  • goods or merchandise that are held or transported under customs control until duties are paid


    The shipment was held in bond until the customs duties were paid.

  • bond and gag

    to tie someone up and put a gag in their mouth to prevent them from speaking or making noise


    The robbers bond and gagged the store clerk before stealing the cash register.

  • to develop a close relationship with someone based on shared experiences, interests, or values


    The team members bonded with each other during the training camp.

Phrases with bond

  • a close relationship between two people based on mutual trust and affection


    Their bond of friendship was strengthened by their shared experiences.

  • a strong belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something


    The bond of trust between the coach and the team was crucial for their success.

  • the sale of bonds by a company or government to raise money


    The bond issue was oversubscribed, indicating high demand from investors.

Origins of bond

from Old English 'bund', meaning 'something that binds'


Summary: bond in Brief

The term 'bond' [bɒnd] refers to a strong force of attraction holding atoms together, a thing used to tie or fasten things together, and a close relationship between two people or groups. It extends into phrases like 'bond of friendship,' and idioms like 'bond and gag,' denoting tying up and silencing someone. 'Bond' also has a financial connotation, as in 'bond issue,' and can refer to goods held under customs control, as in 'in bond.'

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