What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “receptibility”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “receptibility”

The antonyms of receptibility are resistance and unresponsiveness. The antonyms resistance and unresponsiveness convey a lack of willingness or ability to accept or respond to something.

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Definitions and Examples of resistance, unresponsiveness

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The act of opposing or withstanding something; the refusal to comply with something.


The company faced resistance from its employees when it tried to implement a new policy.

The state of not reacting or responding to something; the lack of interest or attention.


The teacher was concerned about the student's unresponsiveness in class and decided to talk to him after the lesson.

Key Differences: resistance vs unresponsiveness

  • 1Resistance implies an active opposition or refusal to comply with something, while unresponsiveness suggests a passive lack of interest or attention.
  • 2Resistance can be used in both physical and abstract contexts, while unresponsiveness is mostly used in abstract contexts.

Effective Usage of resistance, unresponsiveness

  • 1Business: Use resistance to describe opposition to change or new ideas in the workplace.
  • 2Education: Use unresponsiveness to describe a lack of engagement or participation in class.
  • 3Psychology: Use resistance to describe defense mechanisms that people use to protect themselves from uncomfortable feelings or thoughts.

Remember this!

The antonyms of receptibility have distinct nuances: Resistance implies active opposition, while unresponsiveness suggests passive disinterest. Use these words in business, education, and psychology contexts to describe different types of behavior and attitudes.

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