purchase Definition

  • 1the act of buying something
  • 2something that has been bought

Using purchase: Examples

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  • Example

    I made a purchase at the store today.

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    The company announced the purchase of a new building.

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    The purchase of a new car is a big decision.

  • Example

    She regretted her purchase of the expensive dress.

purchase Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for purchase

Idioms Using purchase

  • the ability to buy goods and services with one's income or wealth


    With his high salary, he has a lot of purchase power.

  • buying something with the promise to pay for it later


    He made a purchase on credit for the new TV.

  • the amount of money paid to buy something


    The purchase price of the house was too high for us.

Phrases with purchase

  • a purchase made without prior planning or consideration


    I couldn't resist making an impulse purchase of the cute earrings.

  • a purchase made with cash instead of credit


    I prefer to make a cash purchase for small items.

  • a purchase of a large quantity of goods at one time


    The store offers discounts for bulk purchases of office supplies.

Origins of purchase

from Old French 'purchas', meaning 'acquisition'


Summary: purchase in Brief

The term 'purchase' [ˈpəːtʃəs] refers to the act of buying something or something that has been bought. It can be used in various contexts, from daily shopping to business investments, as in 'The company announced the purchase of a new building.' Phrases like 'impulse purchase' and idioms like 'purchase power' add nuance to the term. 'Purchase' has synonyms like 'acquisition' and 'procurement,' and antonyms like 'sale' and 'disposal.'

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