What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “unfertilized”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “unfertilized”

The antonym of unfertilized is fertilized, productive, and fertile. These antonyms describe the state of soil or eggs that can either produce life or not.

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Definitions and Examples of fertilized, productive, fertile

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Containing male and female reproductive cells, capable of producing offspring.


The farmer used fertilizers to ensure that his crops were fertilized and would grow well.

Able to produce or yield crops, goods, or other resources.


The company's new strategy was productive and led to increased profits.

Capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops; able to conceive and bear offspring.


The land near the river was fertile and perfect for farming.

Key Differences: fertilized vs productive vs fertile

  • 1Fertilized refers to the process of adding nutrients to soil or eggs to make them capable of producing offspring.
  • 2Productive refers to the ability to produce crops, goods, or other resources.
  • 3Fertile refers to the ability to conceive and bear offspring or produce abundant vegetation.

Effective Usage of fertilized, productive, fertile

  • 1Agriculture: Use fertilized to describe soil that has been enriched with nutrients to promote plant growth.
  • 2Business: Use productive to describe a company or individual who is able to produce goods or services efficiently.
  • 3Biology: Use fertile to describe an organism that is capable of reproducing and bearing offspring.

Remember this!

The antonyms fertilized, productive, and fertile describe the state of soil or eggs that can either produce life or not. Use these words in agriculture, business, and biology to describe the ability to produce crops, goods, or offspring.

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