guarantee Definition

  • 1a formal promise that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially a promise that a product will be repaired or replaced if it breaks within a particular period
  • 2something that makes an outcome certain

Using guarantee: Examples

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    The company offers a money-back guarantee.

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    The product comes with a one-year guarantee.

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    I can't give you any guarantees that it will work.

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    The contract includes a guarantee of confidentiality.

guarantee Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for guarantee

Idioms Using guarantee

  • to assume that something is certain or guaranteed


    You can't take his promises as a guarantee of success.

  • to provide a formal promise that something will happen or be done


    The company gave a guarantee that the product would be delivered on time.

  • covered by a warranty or promise of repair or replacement if it breaks


    The washing machine is still under guarantee, so we can get it fixed for free.

Phrases with guarantee

  • a promise that a product is of high quality and will meet certain standards


    The company's reputation is built on its guarantee of quality.

  • a promise to pay a certain amount of money


    The bank requires a guarantee of payment before issuing a loan.

  • guarantee of success

    a promise that something will be successful


    There are no guarantees of success in business.

Origins of guarantee

from Old French 'garantie', from garantir meaning 'to protect'


Summary: guarantee in Brief

The term 'guarantee' [ˌɡærənˈtiː] refers to a formal promise that certain conditions will be fulfilled, often related to product repair or replacement. It can also denote something that makes an outcome certain. Examples include 'The company offers a money-back guarantee' and 'The contract includes a guarantee of confidentiality.' Phrases like 'guarantee of quality' and 'guarantee of success' extend the concept, while idioms like 'take something as a guarantee' and 'give a guarantee' describe assumptions and actions related to guarantees.

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