What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “unravaged”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “unravaged”

The antonyms of unravaged are ravaged, damaged, and destroyed. These words describe the opposite of something that is untouched or unharmed. They convey a state of damage, destruction, or ruin.

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Definitions and Examples of ravaged, damaged, destroyed

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Severely damaged or destroyed.


The town was ravaged by the hurricane, leaving many homeless and without power.

Harmed or impaired by injury or deterioration.


The car was damaged in the accident and needed extensive repairs.

Completely ruined or demolished.


The building was destroyed by the fire and had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Key Differences: ravaged vs damaged vs destroyed

  • 1Ravaged implies severe damage or destruction, often caused by a natural disaster or war.
  • 2Damaged describes harm or impairment caused by an accident or wear and tear.
  • 3Destroyed conveys complete ruin or demolition, often beyond repair.

Effective Usage of ravaged, damaged, destroyed

  • 1Disaster Response: Use these antonyms to describe the extent of damage caused by natural disasters.
  • 2Insurance Claims: Incorporate these antonyms when filing insurance claims for damaged or destroyed property.
  • 3Historical Accounts: Utilize these antonyms in historical accounts to describe the impact of wars and conflicts on cities and towns.

Remember this!

The antonyms of unravaged describe varying degrees of damage, destruction, or ruin. Ravaged implies severe damage or destruction, damaged describes harm or impairment, and destroyed conveys complete ruin or demolition. Use these words to describe the extent of damage caused by natural disasters, file insurance claims, or create historical accounts of wars and conflicts.

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