welfare Definition

  • 1the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group
  • 2financial or other assistance to an individual or group in need
  • 3a government program to provide such assistance

Using welfare: Examples

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    The government is responsible for the welfare of its citizens.

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    The charity provides welfare to the homeless.

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    She receives welfare benefits from the government.

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    The company has a welfare program for its employees.

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Idioms Using welfare

  • receiving financial assistance from the government


    After losing his job, he had to go on welfare to support his family.

  • a political slogan advocating for the reduction or elimination of government welfare programs


    The candidate's platform included a promise to say farewell to welfare and promote self-sufficiency.

  • a government system that provides extensive social services and benefits to its citizens


    The Nordic countries are often cited as examples of successful welfare states.

Phrases with welfare

  • the ethical treatment of animals, especially those used for food, research, or entertainment


    The organization advocates for animal welfare and fights against animal cruelty.

  • social welfare

    government programs that provide financial and other assistance to individuals and families in need, such as healthcare, housing, and education


    The social welfare system aims to reduce poverty and inequality in society.

  • government programs that promote the well-being of the general public, such as environmental protection and public health initiatives


    The public welfare system ensures that everyone has access to clean water and air.

Origins of welfare

from Middle English 'wel faren', meaning 'to fare well'


Summary: welfare in Brief

The term 'welfare' [ˈwɛlfɛr] refers to the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group. It also denotes financial or other assistance to those in need, often provided by government programs. Examples include 'The charity provides welfare to the homeless.' and 'She receives welfare benefits from the government.' Idioms like 'on welfare' describe receiving government assistance, while phrases like 'animal welfare' and 'public welfare' extend the concept to ethical treatment and public initiatives.

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