What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “unsatiated”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “unsatiated”

The antonyms of unsatiated are satiated, satisfied, and fulfilled. These words describe a state of being content or fulfilled, indicating that a need or desire has been met.

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Definitions and Examples of satiated, satisfied, fulfilled

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Having had one's appetite or desire completely satisfied.


After eating a large meal, he felt satiated and didn't want anything else to eat.

Feeling content or pleased because one's needs or desires have been met.


She was satisfied with her performance on the exam and felt confident she would pass.

Feeling a sense of satisfaction or achievement because one's goals or aspirations have been realized.


After years of hard work, he finally felt fulfilled when he achieved his dream of becoming a doctor.

Key Differences: satiated vs satisfied vs fulfilled

  • 1Satiated refers specifically to the satisfaction of physical hunger or thirst.
  • 2Satisfied refers to the fulfillment of a need or desire, whether physical or emotional.
  • 3Fulfilled refers to the realization of a goal or aspiration, resulting in a sense of satisfaction or achievement.

Effective Usage of satiated, satisfied, fulfilled

  • 1Express Gratitude: Use satiated, satisfied, and fulfilled to express gratitude for having one's needs met.
  • 2Set Goals: Incorporate these antonyms in discussions about setting and achieving goals.
  • 3Reflect on Accomplishments: Use fulfilled to reflect on past accomplishments and set new goals.

Remember this!

The antonyms of unsatiated describe a state of being content or fulfilled. Satiated refers to physical satisfaction, satisfied refers to the fulfillment of a need or desire, and fulfilled refers to the realization of a goal or aspiration. Use these words to express gratitude, set goals, and reflect on accomplishments.

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