humanity Definition

  • 1the human race; human beings collectively
  • 2the quality of being humane; benevolence

Using humanity: Examples

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    The future of humanity is uncertain.

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    We must work together to preserve the humanity of our society.

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    The charity's mission is to promote humanity and compassion.

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    The atrocities committed during the war were a betrayal of humanity.

humanity Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using humanity

  • the positive, compassionate, and empathetic aspects of human nature


    In times of crisis, we must appeal to the better angels of our nature and work together for the common good.

  • a personal and empathetic approach to dealing with others, often in contrast to a more impersonal or bureaucratic approach


    The company's success is due in part to their emphasis on providing a human touch in their customer service interactions.

  • a person or group of people used as protection by another person or group, often against their will


    The terrorists used innocent civilians as human shields, making it difficult for the military to target them without causing harm to others.

Phrases with humanity

  • a situation where people act in an inhumane or cruel way, often due to extreme circumstances


    The war brought about a loss of humanity in many soldiers, who became desensitized to violence and suffering.

  • a situation where the values and principles that define humanity are threatened or compromised


    The current climate crisis is a crisis of humanity, as it poses a threat to the survival of our species and the planet we inhabit.

  • a philosophy or approach that prioritizes the well-being and dignity of human beings above all else


    The organization's motto is 'humanity first,' reflecting their commitment to promoting human rights and social justice.

Origins of humanity

from Old French 'humanite', from Latin 'humanitas', from 'humanus' meaning 'human'


Summary: humanity in Brief

The term 'humanity' [hjuːˈmænəti] refers to the human race and human beings collectively, as well as the quality of being humane and benevolent. It encompasses phrases like 'loss of humanity,' which describes a situation where people act in an inhumane or cruel way, and idioms like 'the better angels of our nature,' which refers to the positive and compassionate aspects of human nature.

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